Our SEO Company is not just a set it and forget it SEO Service; we're an innovative ongoing optimization and content generation digital marketing solution.

When it comes to SEO Solutions Prime SEO is a top ranked SEO agency, dedicated to your companies SEO success. Our SEO experts bring proven SEO marketing strategies & tactics to grow impressions, leads, website traffic and conversions. Today strong organic growth doesn't happen by chance it is the result of having fantastic company SEO management.

Our SEO agency can quickly position your website for short and long-term SEO success to secure market share before your competition.

Just because we are talking about our SEO Services does not mean conversion tracking is out of the picture. Our goal is to increase leads and turn them into paying customers. Our focus on conversion optimization separates us from other SEO Agencies and ensures your website is fully optimized to take advantage of online traffic and increase your SEO ROI faster.


Our goal is to establish your business's SEO authority within your industry to create short and long-term success.

Top Business SEO Agency

Proven with real client results SEO Prime is a top ranked business SEO Agency. Whether you need Local SEO, Technical SEO, Content Writing, Web Design or Reputation Management SEO Prime offers every SEO Service to give your business a competitive advantage over your competition. 

How to be the other 9%?

Ever wondered what it would be like to see your business ranked #1 on Google? Over 90% of active websites are seeing little to no organic traffic. This is because the 9% ranked in the top three of page one on Google are the ones getting the traffic. In fact 72% of people won't even look past the first three listings on Google search. So if your business is not ranked on the first page you won't see a fraction of the traffic you could be. Thus our goal is to get your business in that 9% and to do this you need an SEO Agency that specializes in Local SEO, Technical SEO, Content Writing, Web Design and Reputation Management.

Why Local SEO matters

Is your business having trouble being found on Google Maps? Local SEO isn't for every business, but if you have a retail or service based company then Local SEO is key to your success. If you have ever searched on Google for a local business you will notice three businesses pop up, this is call the local map pack. It all starts with proper Google My Business management and fantastic reviews, which can of course be easier said than done. Let us help you get into your local map pack with Local SEO!

How Our SEO Agency Can Help Your Business?

From Lawyers to Consulting Firms, Plumbers to Orthopedic Surgeons, E-Commerce to SAAS Platforms, Mechanics to Roofing Companies, Storage Facilities to Real Estate our SEO Agency delivers consistent SEO growth in all categories. With over a 95% retention rate our SEO Agency is continuing to grow and prove that our SEO Services are truly an investment in your businesses short and long-term success.

Why work with our SEO Agency?

Here are a few reasons to work with us. First we will NEVER work with your competition or competing products. Second, we offer month-to-month agreements (with 30 days out) means we have to earn your business month-in and month-out. Lastly, we provide exceptional customer service, with fast response times. If you hire us, we literally work for YOU!  

Increases in Every Category
Increased Company Traffic by Over 4x
Increases in Customer Discovery
Increases in Google Views
Huge Increases in Photo Views


SEO also known as search engine optimization, is a method for optimizing your digital presence to appear for specific terms (i.e., SEO Agency). To do this, SEO Agencies typically start by determining the ideal search terms based on a site/page's overall search relevance analyzing a combination of keyword traffic and competitiveness. Once the target keywords have been selected, the process of technical onsite optimization begins. 

Technical/Onsite SEO

Everything from site/page content, to title tags, meta tags, schema and more are adjusted to focus on the target keywords. Depending on the website this process may take some time, and therefore will be ongoing. Throughout, this process your SEO should be watching your keyword rank to ensure optimizations are truly beneficial.

External Links & Content Generation

Through great content, the concept of backlinking and external link building can occur, trying to buy backlinks could simply backfire causing your site to fall in the rankings, so beware. Content generation can be continued page optimizations, or content generation via the blog. Regardless, you need to get the word out which is where email marketing and social media can play important roles.

Local SEO

Lastly, with the emergence of Google My Business, the concept of Local SEO came about, which is the goal of meeting local searches by getting onto the map pack (3 top map listings). With that said, let’s not forget about reputation management as it is also highlighted in Google My Business. With a sound plan and professional SEO agency, your business could be climbing the ranks and capturing market share.



Is your website outdated? Does it have trouble ranking for target keywords? Or maybe it just doesn’t rank at all? When it comes to SEO friendly websites, SwankySEO has your back, literally. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for an awesome SEO friendly website, and frankly, a new website may make our SEO’s lives easier. If you are putting off SEO because your site is a bit or way outdated let’s talk, our SEO friendly websites may be a perfect fit at the right cost. SEO Prime is a transparent and affordable SEO Agency, you can trust.

If you are ready for a high-performing SEO friendly website, contact us today!

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